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To the Rescue: Lions and Tigers and Rotties—Oh, My!

Huge effort in Texas rescues Noah’s Ark of animals, including big cats and 200-plus rottweilers

There are rescues, and then there are rescues—for example, those that involve extreme weather and the seizure, triage, and sheltering of hundreds of animals from nearly a dozen species.

That’s the kind of rescue that took place earlier this year in Coryell County, Texas.

Starting Jan. 31, and lasting three days, the Coryell County Sheriff’s Department, the Houston SPCA, and the Houston Zoo seized and transported more than 200 adult dogs and 40 puppies (most of the canines were rottweilers, but there were other breeds present), more than 30 horses and donkeys, 18 domestic cats,10 rodents, five birds, a Savannah monitor (a desert reptile), one tamarin monkey—plus two Bengal tigers and two mountain lions. Nearly 70 of the more than 300 animals rescued were found living inside a three-bedroom house on the ranch property near Gatesville, including many crated dogs, a white-tailed deer in a cage, and a small raccoon. The rottweilers were kept in outdoor pens with sheds.

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