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The "101" Department: Spot-Cleaning Cat Cages

These days, beating germs doesn't always mean a bleach bath.

  • While it may be tempting to cuddle the cats as you clean, remember: It’s important to keep contact to a minimum to keep germs from spreading. Roy Silguero of the Frederick County Humane Society works around the cat as he tidies up. Michelle Riley/The HSUS

If you've ever had a pleasant dinner party interrupted by a cat who wanders in, plunks himself down, and begins performing the most intimate cleaning in full view of the table -- feet lifted well beyond his head in a kind of obscene yoga, licking with the kind of focused attention usually reserved for advanced calculus -- you know: The ways in which kitties clean can make us humans uncomfortable.

Turns out, the feeling is mutual.

But whereas our discomfort usually lasts only as long as our awkward diversion of our dinner guests' attention ("Hey, how about those brussels sprouts, huh?"), kitties stressed by traditional cleaning methods within animal shelters may experience the effects for much longer. And those effects may damage their health.

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