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July-August 2012
Table of Contents

Jul-Aug 2012 ASM Cover


Helping Hounds

In areas where hunting is prevalent, many shelters see high numbers of hounds and other dog breeds used to track and chase prey, especially during and after hunting season. Often undernourished and unsocialized, and sometimes in need of veterinary attention, hunting dogs pose particular challenges for shelters. How can you meet their needs, and get them on their way to happy homes?

The Neighs Have It

After helping local animal control with a particularly heartbreaking horse case, equine veterinarian Grant Miller was inspired in 2007 to found CHANGE: Coins to Help Abandoned and NeGlected Equines. The group started small—collecting spare change in water bottle jugs—but now has attracted more than 200 volunteers and rescued more than 75 horses. CHANGE focuses on rehabilitating and adopting out horses, freeing up the county to devote more time to law enforcement.


President's Note



Coffee Break

In your space, you told us about the animals who have enlightened you to particular realities of animal welfare issues.

Life Preservers

The Santa Clara County animal shelter in California has the odds stacked against it: Its building is old and small. The region it covers is vast and prone to producing boatloads of cats. The jurisdictional responsibilities are complicated. Yet the shelter is thriving—it placed 100 percent of its healthy animals in 2011—with the help of innovative programs and help from local volunteers and rescue groups.

Culture Corner

Books, movies, and other cool stuff for animal lovers.

The “101” Department

Many animal control agencies are realizing that doing nothing about feral cats amounts to ignoring a community problem, and trapping and euthanizing them is costly and short-sighted. More communities are considering trap-neuter-return programs, but local governments don’t always embrace them right away, citing legal, practical, and financial constraints. TNR advocates can make their case by knowing the laws, understanding animal control’s role, and accentuating the benefits..

Q & A

Jackson Galaxy set out to be a musician, but wound up a cat behavior guru and the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell. The patron saint of conflicted cats discusses his career and shares his insights into the workings of the feline mind.

Humane Law Forum

An up-to-date, comprehensive animal control ordinance is essential to let pet owners know what’s expected of them and to set a tone for the community’s attitude toward pets, their guardians, and public safety.

Behavior Department

Dog evaluations are sometimes treated as more of an art than a science, with shelter staff members relying on their preconceptions and past experiences to help match dogs to adopters. The Match-Up II Shelter Dog Rehoming Program aims to eliminate the guesswork by focusing on behavioral facts and the uniqueness of each dog.


Two kitties find that home is a sight for sore eyes.

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