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Unforgettable: A Tale of Two Kitties

  • Two sick kittens find their way to health and a loving home



During the 2011 holidays, two 6-week-old kittens were brought to our shelter. Our staff, appropriately, named them Rudolph and Jingle. Both kittens had eye problems, diagnosed as severe bilateral eyelid agenesis—the result of a birth defect. In short, they lacked full eyelids, and facial fur was growing into their eyes. Each time they blinked, the hair caused irritation—much like having grains of sand in your eye. To avoid the pain, they kept their eyes closed and tried to not use them, making them essentially blind.

Our kitten foster parents are very special people, who willingly bottle-feed tiny kittens through the night and care for them until they’re big enough to return to the shelter for spay/neuter and adoption. The foster parent who eventually took in Rudolph and Jingle did some research and found a veterinary group on the mainland in Homestead, Fla., that specialized in eye disorders.

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