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Culture Corner

Scribblings and Screenings for the Animal Set

Snow Wonder

With awe-inspiring footage, To the Arctic immerses viewers in the stunning beauty, extreme landscapes, and diverse wildlife at the northern tip of the globe. Narrated by actress Meryl Streep, the film follows a herd of migrating caribou across the frozen tundra, then dives into the underwater world of polar bears and walruses. At the heart of this Arctic tale is the compelling story of a mother polar bear and her two cubs. Their struggle to survive on the melting ice floes underscores our responsibility to protect this wilderness and the animals who call it home. Presented by HSUS Genesis Award sponsors Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX Filmed Entertainment, To the Arctic opened April 20 in select IMAX theaters; read a Q&A with director Greg MacGillivray at

Warm Fuzzy Alert

100 Heartwarming Stories from The Animal Rescue Site is the perfect book for anyone who could use a reminder of how much our efforts can mean to adopted pets and adopters alike. Compiled by Tim Kunin and Greg Hesterberg from stories submitted to, the book’s a collection of short profiles of rescued pets—not just dogs and cats, but horses, bunnies, ferrets, a chicken, and even an iguana—written by owners from around the world. Grouped into sections such as Knew This Was the One, No Handicap to Love, and Foster Failures, Pet Wins, these stories show how adopted animals transform from sickly kittens and passed-over pups into best friends and family members. It’s a book about love at first sight that turns into love that endures, whether the object of affection is a blind dog, a deaf cat, or the aforementioned iguana. Their owners make an eloquent case for adopting a pet. Note: 100 Heartwarming Stories is only available as an eBook on Kindle ($2.99), but those who don’t have the eReader can download a free Kindle app for most smartphones.

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