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Out of the Past

Updating your animal control ordinance

  • Updating your animal control ordinance

    Can you believe it? Last time our animal control ordinance was updated, we were still fashionable! RETROCLIPART/

How long has it been since your local animal control ordinance was updated? Was Clinton still president? Were people wearing skinny jeans—for the first time around? Did the radio station play a lot of Burt Bacharach—or maybe Bing Crosby?

Just as times change, laws can and should change along with them, and when it comes to the protection of citizens and animals in a community, an up-to-date, effective animal control ordinance is essential. It not only outlines the basic expectations for those who want the privilege of keeping companion animals, it sets a tone for the community’s attitude toward pets, their guardians, and public safety.

A comprehensive and well-considered animal control ordinance can help ensure immediate as well as long-term results—and as with other local laws, animal control ordinances should be tracked and assessed over time as pet ownership trends and other community dynamics shift.

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