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You Make Things Better for Animals ...

… but what about for yourself and your colleagues?

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We all know why we work for animals. Whether we’re tending to a single injured puppy or working on a cockfighting bust that involves a thousand birds, we’re seeking to make the world a more humane place. We believe that by doing this work, we can make things better, and we use our influence—our minds, bodies, resources, and time—to work as powerfully as possible. It doesn’t matter whether we’re making sure a single kennel is clean and safe or working on legislative issues that will impact an entire species; all of this work represents us using everything at our disposal to advance our lifesaving missions.

So now, let’s think locally: How do we influence the more immediate environment around us?

It’s easy to fixate on irritated thoughts about the guy who just surrendered his dog and how irresponsible he is. Or on the fact that a co-worker always leaves her shift early. It’s so easy to perceive the ways others negatively impact you—in fact, it’s hard not to see it! But it’s harder to stop and consider your own behavior and its impact on the people nearby.

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