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March-April 2014
Table of Contents

Animal Sheltering Magazine Mar/Apr 2014 Cover Image


To Market, to Market, to Buy a Sick Dog

In spite of recent federal regulations cracking down on Internet puppy sales, many puppy mill owners aren’t giving up so easily, taking advantage of a loophole that allows direct, in-person sales of the often sick and neglected dogs. An HSUS investigation has uncovered a worrisome venue for puppy millers—local flea markets, which have long gone unwatched and unregulated.

Better Together

Does your organization do some of the same things as one 10 miles away? Should you think about joining forces? Mission focus has driven some shelters to combine efforts and resources. From groups that have a productive history to those who were once at odds, animal welfare organizations are learning that they’re often stronger when they unite. Though mergers are a complex undertaking, there are several key strategies that can help ease the transition and increase the likelihood of long-term success.

The "101" Department: A Little Help for Our Little Friends

Is it raining bunnies and hamsters at your facility? Small animals sometimes get short shrift compared to a shelter’s cats and dogs. Putting the spotlight on your little critters by posting colorful photos, giving the little fuzzballs fun names, and placing them in high-traffic areas are just a few ways to boost small-animal adoption rates.


President's Note: Winning Combinations



Culture Corner

Books, movies, and other cool stuff for animal lovers.

Q & A: Minding the Gap

Best Friends Animal Society conducted opinion surveys in 2013 to find out where the American public stands on shelter pets. The results were a mixed bag, showing that while people generally believe shelter pets are lovable, there are still some barriers to adoption. What’s more, most Americans vastly underestimate the number of animals still euthanized in shelters.

Behavior Department: Time, Space, and the Single Cat

Many adopters are looking to bring a second cat to their household, but what’s the best way to turn a couple of swingin’ single felines into a happy couple? And how do you know if a new friend would even be welcome? Shelters and rescues can help adopters find their way to a peacefully expanded kitty family.

Life Preservers: Strength in Numbers

The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland—90th percentile adoption rates, that is. Since 2010, no healthy animal has been euthanized, and adoption rates are soaring in the city. How did they do it? By digging deep into shared data, they found the animals they needed to focus on (hint: meow), and developed strategies that encouraged collaboration and trust.

Unforgettable: Hail Cesar (and Gris)

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