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Animal Caregiver Job Description

A look around the successful shelter finds everything going smoothly: an adoption counselor is speaking with an older couple about an 8-year-old dog, a veterinary technician is deworming kittens, the volunteer manager is conducting a monthly orientation, and a kennel technician is escorting a visitor through the stray area to search for his cat.

Chances are, it’s what’s already been done behind the scenes that has ensured the organization’s resemblance to a well-oiled machine. Only when employees have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and their place in the staff hierarchy can they perform well and enjoy their jobs. Even at tiny shelters—where employees often find themselves doing a little bit of everything—thorough job descriptions and standard operating procedures that correspond with them are necessary for effective operations.

This comprehensive job description for “Animal Caregiver Level 1” at Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo, California, spells out the organization’s vision, provides pertinent details about the position, and lists the duties required of the employee.

 Read the full job description.


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