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Sterilization Event at Hooters

Sound a little nuts? That’s the whole idea

Sound a little nuts? That’s the whole idea

Sometimes the word “neuter” is enough to make guys who don’t know better close their legs, cup their hands protectively, and uncomfortably clear their throats.

But some groups have come up with a clever way to reduce this macho-man squeamishness and persuade Joe Studly to surrender his misplaced protectiveness of Rex’s gonads: They’ve started holding spay/neuter events at a well-known men’s restaurant, where jiggling young women, clad in short shorts and tight t-shirts and bearing platters of wings, help ease fears that what’s taken away from Tiger may also take away from his owner’s virility.

That’s right: It’s “Hooters for Neuters.” Created by No More Homeless Pets in Utah, the concept has taken off around the country. From California to Louisiana to Pennsylvania, “Hooters for Neuters” events are bringing men—and often their better halves—out in droves to have their male pets fixed.

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