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Show Me the Money: It's My Party (and I'll Go to the Shelter)

Organizations get festive to raise funds and educate kids

Organizations get festive to raise funds and educate kids

Kids who celebrate their birthdays at the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire can enjoy something even better than cake and ice cream: the chance to name a shelter animal. ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE
Inviting big groups of kids to your shelter is probably not on your to-do list. Children who tease the animals, stick their fingers into cages, and run around shrieking and getting in the way of potential adopters? Sounds like a nightmare.

But some shelter staff aren’t cringing over kids—in fact, they’re throwing a party. Many organizations are encouraging kids to come to the shelter to celebrate their birthdays, and instead of a nightmare, it works like a dream: Children enjoy fun and educational activities, busy parents get to escape party planning, and shelters get to mold future responsible pet owners while raising funds at the same time.

The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire started throwing birthday parties in early 2006. The organization launched the program to reach out to the community, but by January 2007, they’d found it was also an effective fundraiser: Nine parties into the program, they’d brought in $1,150. Expenses totaled about $240, says Danielle Hastings, director of adoptions and customer service—leaving a net gain of $910 for the shelter.

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