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Toying With Your Kitties

Looking for a great toy that encourages potential adopters to interact with your cats without spreading germs? Search no more. Jennifer Hatch, cattery manager at the Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon, has come to the rescue.

Hatch has worked with shelter cats and dogs since 1994. When she started her job at Willamette in 2004, one of her first steps was to provide the cats with enrichment in the form of cardboard HideAway boxes that allow anxious or fearful cats to hide and perch. These clever contraptions can be reconfigured into carry boxes for adopters—and then back into HideAway boxes to help ease the cats’ transitions into their new homes.

Hatch also created three communal rooms. “Between them,” she says, “up to 20 cats can stretch their legs and socialize with each other. This is a much better option than single kennels for our frustrated or depressed cats. And people love to see cats in a more natural environment.”

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