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The 101 Department: "Board" to Tears

Five steps to establishing a dysfunctional board of directors that will ruin staff morale, fail to meet funding goals, and drive you crazy within six months

  • If your board meetings are too friendly and productive, these “anti-tips” will get you moving in the wrong direction. Diego Cervo/

Are your meetings with your board of directors characterized by respectful discussions, steady progress toward organizational goals, and mutual agreement on top priorities? Have you achieved that Zen-like state of harmony, in which your shelter’s staff and board members function as one cohesive machine, speaking to the public and donors with one voice, driving the animal advocacy message within your community?

BOR-ing! It sounds like your organization needs a little dysfunction and strife. There are plenty of animal welfare organizations out there that can point the way: Tension between shelter staff and shelter boards is rampant in the field, largely due to basic misunderstandings about the roles board members should play.

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