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Nominate a Dog for a Valor Award

Day after day we witness the loyal, kind, and forgiving nature of dogs. Sometimes we even capitalize on these traits as we try to sell the adoption message. After all, everyone in the sheltering community knows that a rescued dog can be one of the most devoted creatures on Earth. For some, like the Pieters family of Lancaster, Pa., rescued dogs can be heroic too. Their adopted terrier mix, Jack, saved their little girl’s life when he alerted her sleeping parents to her first grand mal seizure.

Last year, as a way of celebrating dogs like Jack who have courageously helped someone in need, The HSUS created the Dogs of Valor Awards. Amazingly, four of last year’s seven winners were either rescued or adopted! That’s why we’re coming to you in search of this year’s winners.

Did a dog from your shelter act heroically to save a person in need? Or maybe you heard about a dog who gallantly rose to action in the face of danger. Either way, help us recognize these courageous canines by nominating a heroic dog for the second annual Dogs of Valor Awards. For more information, including contest rules, visit Nominations open March 8.


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