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To the Rescue: Saving Oreo

A kitten named for a cookie gets a sweet home

A kitten named for a cookie gets a sweet home

Oreo, a feral kitty found living outside an Atlanta apartment complex, received shelter and care at a veterinary hospital, where staff fought to save his life. ELISABETH GAMBIL-NIKSICH
Two weeks old, the tiny black-and-white kitten was barely alive. And if the apartment manager at the Atlanta complex where he lived with his mother and several other feral cats had anything to say about it, he wouldn’t be alive much longer: The resident who had fed the cats for the past year or two was moving out, and the manager had threatened to have them killed once she was gone.

Concerned about the dire situation, the resident contacted rescuer Deb Smith-Callahan, who touched base with Elisabeth Gambil-Niksich, a friend and fellow rescuer/caretaker of feral cats. They took action—trapping, sterilizing, and relocating many of the cats to a safe site.

But one little kitten was cold, dehydrated, and unable to breathe. Gambil-Niksich cradled the kitten in her hand and tried to bottle feed him, but he was too weak to nurse.

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