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Wild Things: Moles

Marcin Pawinski/
They are perhaps the stealthiest of our wild neighbors, the animals we least often see. But the comings and goings of moles are plenty obvious on suburban real estate. To the consternation of many a homeowner and golf course manager, the tunneling handiwork of these underground dwellers disrupts the sight lines of lawns manicured to perfection and can make mowing a trial.

Moles don’t hibernate—they just dig deeper the colder it gets. But they are especially active during their breeding season from late winter to early spring. That’s why most mole “damage” tends to occur during this time, as these critters tunnel about in the moist, thawed-out surface soil and leave those telltale pushed-up mounds of earth in their wake.

Now is also when you’re most likely to hear from members of the lawn-owning public who are alarmed—or enraged—about the sudden excavated appearance of their back forty and determined to engage in “moley wars” against these burrowers.

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