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To the Rescue: Saved from Slaughter

A Yonkers family and Farm Sanctuary shepherd a lamb to safety

Talk about the warm fuzzies.

Last September, Cindy Rexhaj, her mother, Sonija Hadzovic, and Rexhaj’s two children—Adriana, 4, and Leila, 2—were browsing at an Italian produce market in the Bronx when they spotted a livestock truck unloading sheep at a slaughterhouse a few storefronts away.

Wanting to get a closer look at the animals, the foursome walked down the street, and Rexhaj peered inside the truck. There she saw two newborn lambs. One hadn’t survived the trip, but the other was still alive.

Rexhaj alerted the driver, asking him to pull the lamb out of the truck. When it became clear there was no way to know which ewe he belonged to, dashing any hopes of reuniting the pair, Rexhaj asked what would become of him. “Some of them survive, some of them don’t survive,” the driver told her. No slaughterhouse would expend the time or money to nurse and raise a lamb.

So Rexhaj begged the man to give her the animal, saying she and her mother—who grew up on a farm in her native Albania—would take care of him. Finally, he gave in.

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