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To the Rescue: A Dash of Trouble

Shelter worker pulls injured cat from minivan dashboard

At least she didn’t get all up in anyone’s grill.

  • Tara Pahl, a customer care associate at the Capital Area Humane Society in Ohio, pulled Dasha the cat out of a minivan dashboard to greet a cheering crowd that included a local television camera. Mary Hiser/Capital Area Humane Society

But a cat in central Ohio last October did venture deep into the innards of a minivan dashboard, and her rescue required both a mechanic’s skill and a shelter worker’s slender arms.

The incident began when minivan driver Nehal Dhruve struck the tortoiseshell cat on a road not far from the Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) in Hilliard. Dhruve retrieved the cat, put her in the minivan, and headed for the shelter to seek help. One problem: The cat, who was initially unconscious or stunned, revived and “freaked out” along the way, according to CAHS development and communications manager Mary Hiser. The cat crawled under the gas and brake pedals while Dhruve was driving and found an opening that allowed her to wriggle up into the dashboard console.

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