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Coffee Break: Funniest Situation Encountered in Animal Welfare Work

What’s the funniest (or strangest) thing that’s ever happened to you in your animal welfare work? That’s the question we asked you for this issue’s Coffee Break. You responded by telling us about all kinds of odd and humorous happenings, from overactive animals to confused customers. While animal welfare is a serious business, your stories reaffirmed that, when pets are involved, a little fun is unavoidable.

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A man called to report a stray cat near his building. A volunteer went out and trapped the cat, and a few days later the man called to find out what happened. When we told him we had the cat, he said “Where’s my reward?” When we explained that there was no reward, he just kept demanding “the reward for finding a lost cat.” No matter what we said, he wouldn’t let it go, and eventually he said, “Well, next time I see a stray cat, I’m taking it to another shelter. We’ll just see what that does to your business!” and hung up. We now all enjoy asking each other, “Where’s my reward?” on a regular basis … and we dream of the day we go out of business!

Liz Pease, director of operations, Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, Salisbury, Massachusetts

We accepted two spaniel mixes named Whitey and Brownie. The dogs were not very socialized and were super submissive. Every time you went to pet them, they would pee. One day while I was taking them to their outside kennel, Brownie stopped dead in his tracks and laid on his back for a belly rub. Pleased with his progress, I knelt down beside him, and scratched his tummy. And just as I was telling [him] how proud I was … he peed. It went straight up in the air and into my open mouth.

Jessica Bettinger, manager, Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

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