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Saving an Erie Number of Cats

A coalition in New York goes the distance for felines

Around much of the country, shelter cats are still euthanized at disheartening rates. Most shelters struggle to keep up with the number of felines coming in. But while Erie County, N.Y., faces the same struggles as other animal welfare organizations, local groups say they’ve managed to avoid euthanizing a healthy, adoptable cat for more than two years. At the SPCA Serving Erie County, it’s been more than three.

  • Volunteer Melissa of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter cuddles an adoptable cat – one of the thousands that strong shelter and rescue collaboration has allowed the community to save. Jerry Donohue/City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

This is remarkable on its face, but it’s even more remarkable when one considers the local realities in Erie County, one of the poorest areas in the nation. The city of Buffalo has close to 29 percent of residents living below the U.S. government-established poverty line, and animal care and control agencies and rescue groups face myriad challenges. They struggle for resources. They struggle to get their messages out to the public. They struggle, most of all, to find room for the number of cats who arrive at shelters and rescue groups. There never seems to be enough room to house these animals, much less get them adopted.

But, somehow, they’re doing it in Erie County. How?

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