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Q & A: Snapping to It

A Dallas photographer’s art makes a difference for rescue dogs

  • Violet's professional "after" photo. Teresa Berg

As photo editor at The Humane Society of the United States, Michelle Riley is inundated with emails from photographers. Some come from professionals who’ve been working for decades and have shot assignments all around the world. Others are just getting started in their careers and are looking to get their lens in the door. Still others are from people who just got their first camera and want to start picking up professional freelance assignments right away, or from someone whose 10-year-old kid is the next Ansel Adams and recently took a photo of a bunny from 20 yards away that would be so perfect for the cover of the next magazine.

You get the picture.

But last autumn, an email landed in Riley’s inbox that really caught her eye, and as she would soon find out, it caught a lot of other people’s eyes, too. Dallas portrait photographer Teresa Berg was experiencing a surge of media attention because of her volunteer photography work and what it was doing for the local animal rescue community. It started off a few years ago with a simple offer to help the rescue where she’d gotten her own dog, but it quickly took on a life of its own once it became clear that Berg’s photos were actually helping dogs get adopted faster.

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