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Shooting the Small Fry

It’s a shame when online adoption listings for cats and dogs show animals who don’t look appealing. Black cats set against dark backgrounds, their sweet faces lost in a blur. Dogs whose unholy green or red glowing eyes suggest adoption listings reading: Hellhound mix; prefers to be only pet. May eat smaller children.

  • The little guys have personalities too! Make sure your photos of them show it. Camilo Torres/

Overall, though, most shelters and rescues are getting smarter about their adoption photos, making sure that the pictures they post show animals people would want to take home, not animals who seem to require an exorcist.

One area of imagery where some groups still fall short, though, is in photos of small animals—the mice, the rats, the hamsters and gerbils and guinea pigs. Far too often, online pictures of these guys are missing, consist of a blurry shot of a cage with some hairy lumps in it, or perhaps just ambiguous bedding material.

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