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The Great Skunk Debunk

The HSUS answers a town's call for help

Police Lt. John Walcek had a problem on his hands, and it was a stinker.

  • Heiko Kiera/

Last summer, complaints that skunks were “overrunning” the town of Wareham, Mass., surged, with authorities receiving more than 50 calls, and it fell to Walcek to do something about it. Staff at The HSUS’s Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable hooked him up with HSUS wildlife experts Laura Simon and John Griffin, who headed to Wareham in July with an arsenal of ideas for nonlethal solutions.

Other methods hadn’t worked: The year before, the town had spent thousands of dollars to have as many as 75 skunks trapped and killed. But complaints hadn’t diminished.

Accompanied by Walcek, Griffin and Simon visited about a dozen properties where residents had complained. As their tour progressed, more and more neighbors would come outside to share their stories, too.

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