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March-April 2013
Table of Contents

Cover of Mar-Apr 2013 ASM


Can't Judge a Bull by the Cover

Breed-specific policies unfairly target certain dogs (usually those considered "pit bulls"), wrongly relying on breed or mere appearance to predict future behavior. Heartache ensues when these rules force owners to surrender their beloved pets to already overcrowded shelters. Learn how communities are fighting back with facts, and test yourself to see just how hard it is to tell a dog's breed by his appearance.

Taking it to the Streets

Animal welfare organizations have often struggled to reach some of the more underserved neighborhoods in their communities. But The HSUS's Pets for Life program is "real people working for real people," bringing spay/neuter services, dog training, and compassion to individuals who lack access to pet care services but would do anything for their best friends. The model might work in your own backyard.

Life Preservers: Success in San Antonio

San Antonio used to euthanize more pets per capita than any other major American city—around 50,000 cats and dogs a year. Then in 2004, a local newspaper's special report gave readers an up-close view of what that really looks like—and served as a wake-up call to the community and San Antonio Animal Care Services that things had to change.


President's Note



Healthy Perspectives: Keeping Your Hero Afloat

Understanding the body's response to stress can help you keep your cool.

Culture Corner

Books, movies, and other cool stuff for animal lovers.

The "101" Department: Matters of Life, Death, and Responsibility

People generally live longer lives than their dogs or cats, so many owners fail to plan for the possibility that their pets will outlive them. The results can be tragic, with animals unnecessarily surrendered or even euthanized. But options abound for pet owners to make sure their animals continue to receive the loving care to which they’ve become accustomed. Learn what they can do to prepare, and what you can do to encourage them.

Q & A: Pit Smitten

Wallace, a new book by best-selling author Jim Gorant, tells the story of a dog's journey from almost being euthanized in a shelter due to behavior problems to becoming a national Frisbee champion. Andrew "Roo" Yori talks about Wallace and his campaign to change the way people think of dogs commonly referred to as pit bulls.

Behavior Department: The Courageous, the Polite, the Einsteins

East Bay SPCA in California launched a canine behavior modification pilot program that trains volunteers to help its shelter dogs overcome behavioral issues that might otherwise keep them from finding new homes. Dogs are enrolled in different programs according to the sets of behaviors they exhibit and the goals for the respective dogs—and volunteers have logged more than 1,300 hours working to help pooches get polite.

Unforgettable: Big Daddy's Big Family

Big Daddy and his big family.

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