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Culture Corner

Scribblings and Screenings for the Animal Set

Bond—Wayne’s Bond

If one person can make a difference, how much influence can the whole lot of us have on creating a more humane society? Plenty, says HSUS president and CEO Wayne Pacelle, whose New York Times best-seller The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them, demonstrates the power of the human spirit in repairing systems that have betrayed our natural connection with animals. As Pacelle takes readers on a journey from the nation’s great open spaces to its crowded factory farms, he illuminates the stark dichotomy we face in an age when animals are more beloved yet more abused than during any period in history. There is a better way, Pacelle argues, making the case for a humane economy based on ecotourism, fur-free fashion, improved farming systems, and other innovative models. It’s a message of hope and an inspiring call to action for all—and it’s now available in paperback!

A Horse to Bet On

If you’ve always seen yourself as more of a cat or dog person than an equine lover, War Horse may well expand your horizons. The Steven Spielberg-directed film, which received a host of award nominations and won the American Film Institute’s award for Film of the Year (2011), is based on British writer Michael Morpurgo’s novel and long-running stage productions in London and New York. It tells the story of Joey, a thoroughbred raised by Albert, a farmer’s son, in the pre-World War I English countryside. After his family’s crops fail, Albert’s father is forced to sell Joey to the British cavalry at the outbreak of war. Ownership of Joey changes hands several times, as Albert enlists in hopes of reuniting with his beloved horse. Realistic shots of trench warfare, and one particularly ghastly scene of Joey trapped in barb wire between the lines, are painful to watch, but animal lovers will come away deeply moved by the beauty of these creatures, and the incredible gift of the human-animal bond.

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