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  • Beaumont. Carey Johnson

When the large white dog was found at an Orlando dog park, he was so emaciated his bones were visible through his skin. He could barely stand, his eyes were closed with pus, and he had oozing sores all over his body. His wounds indicated he’d been chained.

Aylin Arditi, a local resident who’d come to walk her own dogs, saw the crowd gathered around the dog. She tried to give him water, but he refused. She could tell he needed immediate medical help. She tried to call some of the local rescues, but most of them were full. No one seemed to have the means to accommodate a large dog who would require so much space and resources.

A friend pointed her to Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital in Oviedo, where a vet tech determined the dog was about 5 years old but severely malnourished and dehydrated. Unfortunately, her exam also revealed he was heartworm positive and had pneumonia. He was given a B12 shot and an antibiotic. Aylin called other shelters and rescue groups but kept running up against walls.

Feeling defeated, she finally took him to the Seminole County Animal Services, where she knew she would have five days to try to find another place for him. The staff at animal control was very kind to this gentle giant. One of the staff took extra pity on him and made him home-cooked meals.

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