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May-June 2014
Table of Contents

Animal Sheltering magazine May/Jun 2014 Cover Image


Learning the ROPs

It’s the rare animal welfare organization that has enough staff and volunteers to accomplish everything it wants to. But are shelters overlooking an untapped resource? The Burbank Animal Shelter has created a program that not only attracts (free) workers, but helps to groom the next generation of animal advocates.

No Place Like Home

Housing problems are one of the top-cited reasons for animal surrender, especially among low-income populations. But in many cases, those who think they have to give up their pets to keep their homes have better options—they just don’t know about them. Find out how The HSUS and other animal welfare organizations are collaborating with pet owners, landlords, attorneys, and others to keep pets with their families. You may be able to put these solutions to work in your community.


President's Note: The Expanding Field of Animal Protection



Culture Corner

Books, movies, and other cool stuff for animal lovers.

The "101" Department: Putting Your Best Facebook Forward

Social media have provided a major boost to adoption efforts. With just a few clicks, shelters and rescues can post photos, update the status of available animals, and send their messages far and wide. But like any broad interactive platform, tools such as Facebook and Twitter have their share of pitfalls. Learn how to nix online naysayers and maximize your social media efforts.

Q & A: Witness for the Defenseless

The long arm of the law doesn’t always encircle animals the way it should. The HSUS’s Sherry Ramsey is trying to change that. The director of animal cruelty prosecution and state affairs works overtime helping prosecutors, animal control officers, law enforcement, and shelters navigate the often complex, sometimes frustrating world of animal cruelty law.

Rescue Central: Your Board...and How to Nail it

A good board of directors is critical to the long-term success of any organization, but the formula for how to create one can seem like a complex equation. Understanding your organization’s mission, as well as the role of the board and specific functions for each member, are key factors. Learn how to put an effective board together—and how to make sure it stays effective over the long-term.

Shelter Medicine: A Vaccination Education

Vaccines play a central role in keeping animals—especially those in shelters and foster care—safe from the spread of potentially deadly diseases. But lately vaccines have faced greater scrutiny, and their necessity has sometimes been called into question. Learn to separate the myths from the facts so your organization can make informed decisions about who, when, and how to vaccinate.

Unforgettable: A Home for the Blues

Ahhs and oohs for Blues Clues.

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