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How to Clean a Cat Cage

Cleaning a cat cage is something shelter workers do every day. It’s a relatively simple task, but you’ll need to take your time and follow the steps in the proper order. Do it hastily and you may do more harm than good. Thoroughly clean each cage at least once a day and do “spot checks” on your cats’ accommodations to make sure everything’s spotless. A clean cage will minimize the spread of disease and will reflect the level of care that your shelter provides each animal. An improperly disinfected cage invites health problems in cats and may even increase the animals’ stress level. Remember also to clean walls, window sills, and especially floors at least once daily.

Plan cleaning and other activities with “life-stage groupings” in mind: Clean the cages of kittens first, adult cats second, and sick or injured cats last. Use a separate set of cleaning equipment for each life-stage group or thoroughly disinfect the items after every step.

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