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The Tale of Bea the Beagle

Book shows that happy life is possible for ex-research animals

Book shows that happy life is possible for ex-research animals

Submissive urination, terror of men, housetraining difficulties lasting for years, trembling at loud noises, failure to bond—shelter staff are all too familiar with such canine afflictions. They usually stem from prior abuse or lack of socialization, and frequently lead to surrender. But in the case of Bea, a beagle suffering from major behavior issues after her time in a research lab, the problems weren’t enough to prevent her adoption by the kind couple who found her running loose one night.

Kristin Von Kreisler has written a lovely book about her struggles to help Bea adjust to a happy, normal life after having experienced nothing but the trauma of a research facility. She uses the story of Bea’s gradual recovery to discuss animal trauma, recuperation, and growth—and to advocate for both a reduction in the number of animals used in research and more humane standards for those creatures who end up there.

At its heart a beautifully written story about the power of the human-animal bond, For Bea is also a powerful statement about the use of animals for human betterment and the ethical and practical issues that use presents. The appendix of the book provides advice for readers on how to advocate for better care for animals in research labs. The book is available from major retailers for $19.95.


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