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Bumper-to-Bumper Education

Shelter Uses License Plates to Spread the Word

Shelter Uses License Plates to Spread the Word

LICNSM. VACIN8. LEASHM. They may sound like screen names from an Internet chat room, but they’re actually messages from a few of the license plates adorning the animal control vehicles at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Many drivers in Virginia are finding themselves with ample opportunities to get a good look at them.

“In Arlington, you sit in traffic a fair amount, so there’s a good chance whoever’s behind you is bored, and they may be reading license plates,” says Kay Speerstra, executive director. “So maybe we can sneak in a little message along the way.”

And Virginians are getting the message—or at least noticing the plates in the first place. “The public generally thinks it’s quite funny,” says Speerstra. “We get comments about it quite often, and they’ve always been positive, like ‘Oh that’s so cute,’ or ‘We knew it must be you, even from the back.’ ”


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