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Sneezing Because of Cats? The Feeling's Mutual, Buddy

After all the grief we give cats about how much they make us sneeze, maybe it’s only proper that they finally get to turn the tables. Cat clinicians at the University of Edinburgh’s Hospital for Small Animals announced in late 2005 that they planned to study a particular bacteria found in asthmatic cats.

A senior clinical scholar at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies told Science Daily that cats with asthma can suffer more in homes where people smoke. Dust, human dandruff, pollen, and certain kinds of cat litter can also contribute to kitty sniffles and sneezes. Asthmatic kitties tend to improve when removed from homes that are aggravating their condition and brought to the cleaner environment of the animal hospital, the researcher reported.

The research team is hoping their study will help them learn more about the bacteria and develop better treatments for wheezy kitties—all in all, nothing to sneeze at.


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