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Coffee Break: How Do You Cope with Burnout?

When your work becomes overwhelming and you start to burn out, how do you regain a positive attitude and find the strength to continue? That’s the question we asked, and you responded with all sorts of mood-improving methods—from getting together with friends to reading a good book to spending time with pets or shelter animals.

No matter what anyone may say, it is not sacrilege to forget about work for a day! I try to plan a day with extended family or friends. It helps to travel a little—to get away from my town, my house, the things that I look at every day when I come home from work. The other thing I do is immerse myself in a good book. When I go back to work, things are back in perspective and I’m able to look at problems with renewed energy and successes with renewed joy.
Melissa Snitzer, Animal Shelter Inc., Sterling, Massachusetts

I look back at photos of the animals I was able to help. Seeing them in their new homes and getting the love that they deserve makes it all worth it. I will look back at notes or e-mails that I get from people who have adopted my cruelty-case animals. Somehow this makes everything okay.
Cheryl Shaw, Chester County SPCA, West Chester, Pennsylvania

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