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The "101" Department: Getting to Know You

The art of creating good cage cards

The art of creating good cage cards

While photos aren’t essential to cage cards, they can provide a boost to shy or stressed-out kitties who tend to hide or curl up in their cages.
So you’re at the grocery store, and you’ve resolved to try and make healthier lifestyle decisions, so you’re trying to pick out a cereal—not too sweet, nothing with marshmallows or the mysterious ingredient known as “froot,” just a good, simple, healthy cereal to get your mornings started.

But the aisle is overwhelming: Six feet high and 30 feet long, scores and scores of brightly colored boxes covered with words like muesli and bran and riboflavin, and after 10 minutes of squinting at the labels to determine fat and sugar content and trying to figure out from the pictures whether the product will actually taste good, you finally conclude that the whole process is just too tedious and it’s easier to just continue your usual breakfast routine of coffee and a doughnut at 7-Eleven.

Wait, we hear you saying, I thought this article was going to be about cage cards.

Give us a second. We’re getting there.

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