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Better with Age

Shelters match senior animals to the similarly well-seasoned

Shelters match senior animals to the similarly well-seasoned

Among the many adopters seeking puppies and kittens, who want a whippersnapper to romp in the yard with their own whippersnappers, who are looking for the adorable, the small and wiggly, those who instead come looking for the sedate, the sleepy, the graying and slow, are a special bunch.

"Mostly they tend to be people who have had a pet for many years and then lost it to age-related problems as it got older," says Allison Miller, adoption supervisor at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in Indiana. The "Old Friends" program at Fort Wayne places about 10 animals a month, and Miller says they’re among the shelter’s most gratifying adoptions. "Some of them have waited years to get another pet after they lost one, but others are here the very next day—they just can’t stand the thought of not having a pet to love."

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