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People Power: Sheila and Mike Luff

Sheila and Mike Luff

Sheila and Mike Luff

She ferreted out clues like Jessica Fletcher on the heels of a hot case. She poked her nose into her neighbors' business so much that friends and family started calling her Gladys Kravitz. But 51-year-old Sheila Luff wasn’t a TV character cracking a murder mystery or gathering juicy gossip. This retired mother of seven was just trying to save the victims of dogfighting in her rural Mississippi neighborhood.

Luff and her husband, Mike—a 62-yearold retired police officer—spent the better part of a year lurking on the edges of a dogfighting pit, gathering information to share with the Prentiss County Sheriff's Department in a bid to shut down the criminal enterprise. By April 2008, they had enough evidence for police to raid the pit and arrest nearly two dozen people on felony dogfighting charges—the first such bust in the county since 2000.

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