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To the Rescue: Next Time, Use the Door

Sometimes raptors make house calls. Luckily, so does wildlife rehabilitator Victor Collazo

Joan Fairman Kanes is used to taking pictures of wild animals in natural settings.

In her own home, not so much.

Kanes, a freelance photographer based in Haverford, Pa., a western suburb of Philadelphia, specializes in animal pictures, but her photography experiences couldn’t have prepared her for a visitor who flew into town and crashed her pad, literally.

Last November, Kanes was driving home when she got a call from her husband, telling her that a large window in their dining room had been shattered, blasting shards of glass everywhere.

“And while we were talking, I said, ‘Is there an animal in the house somewhere?’ Because my first thought was something must have gone through the window and had probably been killed in doing so,” Kanes says. “And he said, ‘I don’t see anything,’ and he was walking around the house, talking on the phone, and then suddenly he said, ‘Oh my God—there is a very large bird on top of a bookcase. It just flapped its wings.’”

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