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May-June 2011
Table of Contents

Animal Sheltering Magazine May/Jun 2011 Cover Image


Walking All the Way to the Bank

Dog walk fundraisers are fun and they often raise lots of money for shelter programs. But these lively events don't just happen by themselves—a dedicated team has to lay the groundwork months in advance. Here's how to walk this way.

The Long Haul

In Tanzania, Humane Society International works with local animal welfarists to improve the treatment of working donkeys.

Getting Real: Making the ASV Standards Work for You

This story of changes to cat housing at a shelter in New York is the first of a series that will explore how new standards developed by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians can be applied to real-life situations in the sheltering and rescue field to create more humane outcomes for animals.


Letter Box

Coffee Break


The "101" Department: Feeling Insecure?

Long treated as easy targets by criminals, these days shelters around the country are fighting back. They're rethinking security protocols, installing high-tech alarm systems, and training staff to make the protection of animals and property a top priority.

Shelter Medicine: Sanitation Sanity

Our veterinary columnist answers some of your most frequently asked questions about cleaning and disinfection in the shelter environment.

Volunteer Management: People Who Need People

Recruiting new volunteers should wait until you've built a strong foundation, and your program can handle the increase in numbers. Here's how to find the right people.

Off Leash: Lifting Them Up

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of an AT&T manager with a heart for homeless animals, dogs awaiting adoption are resting easier.

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