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Off Leash: Lifting Them Up

An AT&T staffer wants to reach out and comfort someone—in your shelter

It’s a problem many shelter staff are all too familiar with. They try to keep the kennels as warm and pleasant as possible, but cold, hard floors—which allow for sanitation but aren’t pleasant to curl up on—aren’t exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep.

That’s the problem Tracey Robinson set out to fix.

Like many private citizens, Robinson wanted to help homeless pets but didn’t know how. “So I’d make my ... monetary donations now and again. But at some point in 2008, I decided that I really needed to be more active for myself. And I set up a nonprofit and sort of figured that I’d learn what I needed to do as I go.”

Robinson formed her nonprofit, Animal Rescue Aid (ARA) in 2008. In her full-time job as a senior product manager for AT&T, she had access to “cool, very fun [and] cutting-edge products” which occasionally got discarded or recycled. From time to time, she was able to donate such goods to shelters and rescue groups so that they could use them in silent auctions or other fundraising efforts.

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