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November-December 2012
Table of Contents

Cover of Nov-Dec 2012 issue of ASM


Better With Age

Older cats in a shelter aren’t as easy a sell as the adorable young furballs. Fortunately, a good number of people are interested in adopting more mature felines, and some shelters have devised creative ways to promote adoptions of these sassy seniors—from discounted fees and free medical exams to posters extolling their many charms and housing that helps display their more seasoned personalities.

Feeding Your Fire (Without Burning Out)

You’re working and working, and animals keep coming and coming, and that light at the end of the tunnel never seems to appear. So how do you recharge? In a field full of empathetic, dedicated people who regularly bear witness to animal suffering, compassion fatigue and burnout can be serious issues. Shelter executives and managers can play a role in addressing their workers’ stress by embracing supportive measures; agencies that ignore their staffs’ needs run the risk of morale problems that affect job performance and ultimately undermine the organization’s mission.

Life in the Fast Lane

The longer animals stay in the shelter, the more they risk disease, stress, and behavior problems. Some shelters are combating these undesirable outcomes by embracing fast-tracking, which aims to move highly adoptable animals through the process as efficiently as possible.


President's Note



Coffee Break

In your space, you told us what features you’d like to include if you were building a new animal shelter, and why you think they’re important.

Culture Corner

Books, movies, and other cool stuff for animal lovers.

The "101" Department: Sealed with a Kiss—and Scads of Marketing Savvy

Direct mail often provides a crucial fundraising stream for animal welfare organizations. What techniques and messages are working well today? Nonprofit fundraising experts offer their thoughts on the latest trends.

Q & A: Tracking Data, Helping Animals

He might not be quite as revolutionary as his namesake, but Che Green, founder of the Humane Research Council, is shaking things up by showing animal welfare advocates the value of good data and helping them evaluate their own programs.

Humane Law Forum: Good Laws for Four Paws

We’re a country of laws (and of lawsuits), and some of them have a direct impact on the work shelters and rescues do for animals. Whether it’s the latest tethering proposal or a piece of breed-specific legislation, there are ways to stay in the loop.

Behavior Department: Better Behavior through the Food Dish

We are what we eat, and what we eat can greatly influence our moods as well as our physical well-being. The same holds true for dogs. A veterinarian delves into the ways that diets and nutritional supplements may affect their behavior.

Unforgettable: Get Out Your Hank-Kerchiefs

Protecting his human from her abusive boyfriend? We’re sure “Hank” did it this way.

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