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Language Lessons

As a companion piece to our feature on outreach to Spanish-speaking communities, we offer the first class of Spanish 101, shelter-style. This material is excerpted from a new HSUS publication, Spanish Phrases for Animal Care and Control Work, which will be available for purchase in 2007.

Basic animal-related words and phrases

The shelter El refugio (ehl reh-foo-hyo) 
The shelter opens at ___________.  El refugio abre a las ___________. (ehl reh-foo-hyo ah-breh ah lahs ___________ )
I am from the Humane Society.  Soy de la Humane Society. (soy deh lah) 
Animal control officer  El oficial de animales (ehl oh-fee-see-ahl deh ah-nee-mah-lehs)
Owner  El dueño (ehl dweh-nyo) 
Police  La policía (lah poh-lee-see-ah) 
Kennel  La caseta para perros (lah kah-seh-tah pah-rah pehr-rohs); La jaula (lah hah-oo-lah); La perrera (lah pehr-rehr-rah)

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