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Off Leash: Tatt's What We're Talking About

Readers bare their arms (and legs, and backs) to unveil their hearts

Readers bare their arms (and legs, and backs) to unveil their hearts

We asked to see your ink, and you obliged by rolling up your sleeves, sometimes even taking off your shirts altogether. In response to our request, you sent us photos of your animal-related tattoos and told us the stories behind them—sometimes sad, often touching, always indicative of your love for and commitment to animals. Thanks to all of you who shared your artwork and stories. Below are a few of our favorites—the ones we had space for!

All of my tattoos are animal-related! This rooster, nearly completed, was done by Seth Wood. For work I run a low-cost spay/neuter program in New York City, and in my spare time I work with and foster chickens. They are usually lucky enough to go to Farm Sanctuary. This rooster … is based on Manny, whom my co-worker found perched on a frozen chain-link fence in an abandoned lot in Harlem one February morning. He was so cold that half of his comb fell off from frostbite. Manny stayed with us for over a month, sitting on my shoulder or helping himself to my meals, until we had a great home for him. He crowed happily all day long, reminding us all of his presence. He was one of the friendliest, kindest creatures I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Aimee Hartmann, Director, Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics, ASPCA, New York

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We wish we had more space to print everything that was sent in! To see more of your wonderful tattoos and read the stories behind them, go to


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