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People Power: Rescue Ink

(L to R) Mike Tattoo, Johnny O, and Batso take Rudy out for some exercise at Save-A-Pet. RESCUE INK
Ruff and Tough:
The men of Rescue Ink may look threatening, but they wear their hearts on their sleeves—the tattooed kind. Ink weaves around bulging biceps and down forearms, creeping up necks and emblazoning a couple of shaved heads. Decked out in muscle tees and biker’s denim, the 11-member gang could make a grown man soil himself. But these Long Island bad boys aren’t out to bust skulls. They just want to fill them—with a little knowledge about animals.

Say Hello to My Little Friend: This band of pseudo-vigilantes sticks up for the “little” guys—even when they’re not so little! Whether helping Chihuahuas or Alaskan malamutes, the group does everything from tracking down lost and stolen dogs to rescuing abused or neglected animals to providing free and mobile vet care for needy recipients. While its main work centers on dogs and cats, Rescue Ink has also been instrumental in saving ducks, pigs, and many other species.

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