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The "101" Department: Sweating the Small Stuff

Eight little improvements any shelter can make

  • For both aesthetic and safety reasons, legible, professional-looking signs—much unlike this one, which conveys the idea of sickness a little too well—are a must at any shelter. ASC PROGRAM/THE HSUS

Some days, working in an animal shelter seems overwhelming. You think about everything that would need to happen to stop the flow of animals into the shelter and increase the number finding homes. You look at your ancient building, its peeling paint and cracked floors. You look at the animals sleeping or stretching or just standing hopefully in their cages, and think about how there never seems to be enough time.

Everyone who’s worked at a shelter has been in that frame of mind, and it can be hard to escape. But one thing that can help is taking a day or two to make a dent in some areas that can benefit hugely from a short, focused burst of attention.

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