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Creating Pro-Kitty Cities

Shelters try new strategies to get their cats home

Shelters try new strategies to get their cats home

SPCA Serving Erie County
Kitties: We love ’em, you love ’em. Many potential adopters love ’em, but others are—like the archetypal yowling alley cat himself—still on the fence. Why? And what can be done about it, short of putting Earl himself out on the front walk to personally charm passersby?

Two recent adoption campaigns present unique takes on the cat cause.

Michigan Humane Society (MHS) has taken a humorous—and homegrown—approach with the development of, which invites customers to adopt their “certified pre-owned cats,” with “$0 Down, 0% Financing, No Payments.” Modeled after the used-car site, which promises to reveal to potential owners the previous history of any vehicle, MHS’s cat promotion tongue-in-cheekily claims the group has “all makes and models” and that the cats come with a “100,000 purr warranty.”

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