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Making Spay/Neuter an Inside Job

Low-cost clinics within clinics combat overpopulation

Los Angeles has the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Universal Studios, and the Lakers.

Oklahoma has oil wells, more man-made lakes than any other state, and Sooners football.

So maybe it’s not a fair fight in the bling department.

But Laura Beth Heisen has identified something Oklahoma’s got that Los Angeles needs: low-cost spay/neuter surgeries performed by local veterinarians in their clinics.

Heisen chaired the Los Angeles Spay/Neuter Advisory Committee, a panel the city council appointed after passing a law in 2008 that requires cats and dogs in the city to be spayed or neutered after the age of 4 months. The committee sought to figure out how to minimize the law’s potential adverse impact on low-income people.

Some of her colleagues focused on getting the city animal services department to provide more spay/neuter, Heisen says, but that struck her as a futile approach.

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