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To the Rescue: Once More, With Spirit

A stray relies on the kindness of strangers to find a better home

The call last February reporting a stray dog at the local Marriott seemed routine enough to officer Dustin Carraway of the Beaumont Animal Services Unit here in Texas. He arrived at the hotel to find a beautiful, friendly Weimaraner/pit bull mix lounging near the pool as though it was the middle of summer rather than a chilly midwinter day. He collected the dog and transported him back to the shelter.

At the shelter, Dustin scanned him for a microchip, and the wand started beeping. This dog had a chip! In his excitement, Dustin cleared the scanner and scanned the dog a second time: nothing. No chip was coming up.

After multiple scans, Dustin came to me to see if I could scan the dog and have any better luck. After my first scan, nothing—but after a couple more scans, bingo! A chip ID number again popped up on the scanner. We found that the chip had slid down the dog’s shoulder and was not directly on top of his neck.

Officer Carraway wrote down the information and started trying to track down the dog’s owner. The chip led to the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter in California. It turned out that the dog’s name was Jackson, and he had been adopted four days earlier by two truck drivers in Ontario, Calif.

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