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To the Rescue: It's a Miracle

An abandoned cat in Oregon goes from a locked storage unit to a loving home

It was February, and the owner/manager of a storage facility in Oregon City, Ore., heard meowing as he walked past one of the closed units.

So he ground the lock off the door, and, seeing the source of the noise, immediately called the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) in nearby Portland.

Austin Wallace, an animal cruelty investigator for the shelter, arrived quickly, and peered inside the storage unit to see a cat tangled up in a makeshift leash at the foot of a grocery cart.

Trapped in place by the snarled leash, the emaciated cat had urine burns on his body, and Wallace saw patches of raw skin where the animal had tried desperately to free himself.

“He quite literally looked like he was dying,” Wallace says. “I wasn’t quite sure if he was going to make it back to the shelter.” Wallace rushed the cat back to OHS, where a staff member was standing by to collect him and race him to the shelter’s emergency clinic. The medical team started treatment immediately, checking his vital signs, giving him fluids, and countering the effects of days—or possibly weeks—without food or water.

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