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China's Dog Slaughter Draws Worldwide Outrage

In late July, a government-ordered slaughter killed 50,000 owned and stray dogs in Yunnan Province in southwestern China. Reports of the supposed rabies control measure—and word of plans for a second massacre in Shandong Province—outraged people all over the world. Images of officials brutally clubbing dogs to death in the street inspired countless e-mails and phone calls to The HSUS’s global division, Humane Society International (HSI). On August 10, an HSUS/HSI organized protest brought more than 100 people and many of their companion canines in front of the Chinese Embassy to encourage the Chinese government to adopt a more humane and effective approach to controlling rabies.

China would do well to follow the example of other countries that are trying to improve animal welfare. HSI has been working proactively in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Indonesia to provide expertise and guidance in creating humane animal control programs that include sterilization and effective rabies vaccination.

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