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Helping People Buy and Sell Homes'and Putting Pets in Them, Too

WHO SHE IS: Collette Blanchette, a real estate agent in California

WHAT SHE DOES: Finds and sells homes for humans—and while she’s at it, finds homes for local shelter pets

WHAT SHE HOPES: That companies around the country will borrow her idea to help reduce pet overpopulation

“Free” is a word you don’t hear very often during the process of buying a house. The house inspection, the appraisal, the closing costs —pretty much the only thing you don’t have to pay for is the smorgasbord of snacks your settlement company provides to munch on at closing.

Clients of Brubaker-Culton, a real estate company in southern California, receive something much more special than munchies when they buy—or sell—a house: the opportunity to adopt or sterilize a pet free of charge. The company began its “Free Pet with Purchase” program earlier this year after one of its agents pitched the idea.

The plan to find pets for clients and new homes for shelter animals grew out of a loss. Last fall, real estate agent Collette Blanchette’s two Yorkshire terriers, Cujo and Scruffy, got loose and disappeared. They were never found, despite help from both a pet detective and a bloodhound.

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