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The 101 Department: Find Your Target Audience

How to bring more prospective adopters to your website

How to bring more prospective adopters to your website Studios
When people in your community surf the Web for prospective pets, their searches may result in pages of animals advertised on Freecycle and Craigslist, in newspaper classifieds, or on breeders’ websites. But by focusing on specific keywords related to your group, you can help pet-seekers find you. The following tips can help you increase traffic to your website, raise awareness of your organization, and improve your chances of finding adoptive homes for the animals you care for.

1) Determine how easy it is for people to find your website—and how they’re finding it. You can pay a company to do this, or you can experiment with a search engine yourself. Use combinations of words that local residents might use; for instance, type in the words “dog,” “adopt,” and your city or town’s name. Does your group’s website show up in the search results—and if so, how far down the list does it appear? You can also check your website statistics report to find out the search terms that bring people to your pages.

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